Our Vision

We have set up Gurkha Curry Lounge with full of vision in making dining a unique experience. Our food reflects the root of its origins having the subtle touch of most of the mouthwatering aromas from Himalayan regions of Nepal & India. Our restaurant uses carefully selected Nepalese herbs and spices eg Jimbu (Himalayan Herb), Timur (Himalayan Pepper) etc., and the best of local English products particularly meat, vegetables & dairy products.

Our highly enthusiastic young Restaurant Entrepreneurs & team of professional chefs produce ultimate flavored curries unique from usual Indian restaurants & must try once at least.


Our Philosophy

Just like ‘Gurkha’ as a proven dedicated & perfect fighting force around the globe, our curries brings the same fighting attitudes with perfectionism and dedication towards our respected guests marrying tradition with decadence. Our menu reflects the diversity of Nepal & India.

We know quality goes long way and to us quality comes from using fresh products and skillful infusion of herbs and spices as well as cutting age touch in every detail with a gentle wedding with traditional flavor. Our chefs are unique and bring their talents from the globe. We are very proud of our skillfully handcrafted curries and aim to give best service to create dinning a most satisfying experience.

Our guests ask for recommendation from our varieties. Our friendly staffs are eager to suggest the right curry that can go hand-in-hand with our top quality wine to bring elegancy in the taste. Our wines bring that feeling of fineness & youngness if taken with right curries.

Our venue is steeped in the classics while offering deft touches of modernity. With it we provide smooth services & Nepalese Indian real taste.

Gurkha Curry Lounge is truly a place of gathering, a place of celebration, a place of pleasure and a place to be happy.